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SPN RPS: Want, Love Need

Title: Want, Love, Need
Fandom: Supernatural RPS (So Jensen, Jared, Misha and other cast and crew)
Rating: This chapter M (will get up to NC-17)
Warnings/Kinks: Alpha, Beta, Omega, Incest
Pairings: Jensen/OMC (mention),
Jared/mentions of OMCs, Jensen/Misha, Jensen/Jared,
Summary: Jared and his dad are a little close
, but can you blame him? From a young age he saw something that no alpha son should witness of an Omega Father and go through things that most people don't. So after a few years of dating and realising that no one would stick around going through the same things and take care of him better than his dad, Jared decided to make his intentions known. Now if only his dad's new 'boyfriend' would get out of the way.  

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