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Fic: Slow Burn

My first supernatural piece of fanfiction... here goes!
Title: Slow Burn
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Author: Bouyant_Tomato
Summary: Sam reflecting on his life, on his special day. The day he realises that he had demons blood, the day his demons blood burned for Dean. The day he actually done something about it and claimed him. Rating: G for this chapter, NC-17 towards the later stages.
Warning: Slight over tones of wee!cest (is that what it is called) but they don't do anything! Nothing. It's just the feelings Sam has that coud be interpreted as that. I got inspired after I read a prompt so I shall include the prompt under the cut, however it does contain spoilers!

Okay, first order of buisness. The prompt contains major spoilers so read at your own digression.

The prompt is:  Sam hits puberty and thinks the changes to his body are normal until he sees what other boys his age look like. The blood Azazel gave him as a baby has started to change him and it not only effects him mentally making him possessive and animal-like, but also physically (eyes turn black when he's turned on or mad, his dick his far larger than it should be with a knot and his hormones out of control). Sam can barely handle going out in public and hiding his changed demeanor from John and Dean. He finds himself thinking more and more about Dean sexually and he wants to take him. The fact that he can smell Dean's pheromones when they share a bed isn't helping. Sam can't take it anymore and sets out to mate/claim Dean, biting and scratching him in an attention of make him his cutting deep enough to leave scars. They knot for hours at a time and Sam can't stop. Up to the author whether it's dub-con, non-con or fully consensual and whether things are ok afterward. Bonus if John finds them knotted together and is powerless to do anything about it. Authors notes about prompt: However I'm making it into a longer multichapter fic just to create the tension. Prompt is from  and it was originally filled by ekskwizet but I kind of wanted to put my own spin on things.


Sam looked down to Dean’s sleeping body naked under a sheet that hanged loose around his waist. It had been a good 23nd birthday present. If anyone had told Sam when he was still pining for Dean at 13, that less than ten years later Dean would be his and willing he would have laught. Then probably threaten the person with death if they ever told Dean and go to extremes to found out how they had known. But I digress. Sam sat down on the edge of the bed, mearly looking at Dean and thinking. He always got reflective around his birthday. He would think of his first ever memory, think of the first moments when he became effected by his demon blood, hunting, then of course there's all those years of pining after Dean whilst everything in his blood sang that it was right to take him, to mark and possess...


It probably started when he was eight, he mused. It was after school and he was looking for Dean to walk home with him. When he spotted him Dean talking with some girl outside of the school gates. They weren’t doing much, just talking. He could see the girl blush lightly and Dean’s broad smile. Sam didn’t think much of it, whenever they met females they were ogled at. The older ones cooing and awing and the ones their age usually are disgusted by cooties but he had noticed that changing ever so slightly in the girls in Dean’s age. This was the first time he saw Dean talking to a girl though; well the first time Dean was talking nicely to girl. But you know, whatever, he recalled that he wasn’t seeing anything weird and just walked up to them.

“That’s so funny, Dean- oh hey...” The girl said looking at him strangely.

“This is my brother, I have to walk him home, ‘cause, you know he’s still a baby.”

 Sam huffed indignantly. “Am not a baby.”

“Whatever, Sammy.” Dean rolled his eyes. “Anyways, I’ll see you at school tomorrow, yeah?”

The girl smiled widely. “Yeah… totally.” 

Sam frowned. He didn’t understand, what was so good about seeing her at school tomorrow, is there any reason Dean had to see her tomorrow? Why was it good? Dean hated school. His questions were soon answered however as the girl kissed Dean’s cheek before she hurried away.

Sam widened his eyes and could feel his mouth open. He could see Dean’s grin from the corner of his eye. That didn’t make sense! Sam’s thoughts were racing. The last time Sam tried to kiss Dean on the cheek a couple of years back Dean made a ‘yuck’ face before telling him to ‘quit it’. What was so special about this girl? She hadn’t even known Dean for two months! It’s not fair! Does that mean she is Dean’s girlfriend? And he knew from movies that girlfriends took up all of their boyfriend’s life and that they get married and that move away and have kids. Does that mean Dean was leaving him? But he can’t! What about him? What would happen if Dean wasn’t there to make breakfast, clean his clothes and midnight cuddles when he had nightmares? A burn filled his stomach.

“Sam, why are you crying, you big baby?” Dean said poking his arm.

Sam hadn’t known that he even was crying but as soon as Dean brought his attention he began to wail and scream. “I hate her! I hate her!”

“Sam? Quiet! Everybody’s staring. Just shush, okay?”

“I DON’T WANNA! I hate her, I don’t want you to go, Deannnn. Deannnn.” He suddenly stepped forward and clutched desperately unto Dean.

“Quit it, you big baby! Let’s just go home.” Sam could hear the embarrassment in Dean’s voice, and that made him cry harder. Sam obviously wasn’t wanted anymore. “I’ll be good, you can have all the lucky charms and I’ll help with, with, with stuff. Deaaannn, don’t go.”

“What the hell, Sam? Are you retarded? I’m not going anywhere, dad said I wasn’t old enough to hunt.” Dean said in a low voice.” Let’s talk at home alright?”

Sam nodded, but it wasn’t the end of it. He had to know what was going on in Dean’s mind as to who was that girl and what she wanted with Dean. Dean always forgot to talk about problems.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When they got to the motel Sam could feel Dean’s eyes on him. “Do you want to tell me what that melt down was about? You big baby.”

“Am not a baby.” Was an automatic response. “I just don’t like her. Why did she kiss you?”

Dean frowned. “Wha- Why don’t you like Diana?”

Sam cringed mentally. Dean and Diana. However he replied quite simply with a, “She’s a girl... don’t they have cooties.”

Dean burst out into peals of laughter. “This is why you are such a big baby! You don’t get it.”

It was Sam’s turn to frown. He didn’t understand what Dean meant. Girls are girls, they want to play family and princesses, the girls Sam knows doesn’t like doing things guys like. They want to have boyfriends according to T.V and get married and take away brothers.  That’s what a girl is. So why didn’t Dean see that.

When Sam confessed what he thought about girls to Dean, he saw his brother cracked open a smile and teased. “Still doesn’t explain the crying, unless little Sammy is just that sensitive.”

“Shut up Dean!”

“Ooohh, Sammy, you shouldn’t swear only bad boys do it.”

“You use it all the time!”

“Yeah but I’m twelve, you are only eight and a big cry baby.”

“Shut up!”

“Look, I’m Sammy. I think I’m a big boy because I use shut up. Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Dean mimicked in a high pitch whiny voice.

“That’s not what I sound like!”

“That’s not what I sound like!” Dean mimicked again.

Frustrated Sam decided push Dean and Dean pushed back, then came the falling and grappling.

“DEAN! Stop fighting with your brother.” Sam needn’t have looked up, he knew the rough sound anywhere. He heard Dean mumble a ‘Yes sir’ and quickly got off Sam. He hadn’t even heard the door open. Sam went into his own world as Dean talked to dad about the hunt. He was in his own musings when it suddenly became clear to him what he must do about the Dean situation. He had to ask someone that wasn’t Dean about girls, or more specifically why did Dean want to hang around a girl and what were their motives. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That night after dinner when Dean was washing the dishes in the kitchenette, Sam was probably with his brother and John was relaxing watching television. It seemed the kitchenette came at the price of a watchable T.V. John rested his beer on the nightstand. Today was one of those rare days when he finished before sundown. He was about to switch it off and help Dean and catch up with the boys, maybe a pop quiz on gun management. Before he got any further he saw Sam slip into his room just as Dean sang out ‘It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN!’

Sam walked over to where he was lying but didn’t sit. “Dad, I wanna ask you something. It’s about Dean, I’m worried.”

John frowned, Sam always covered for Dean, this must have been something horrendous if Sam is selling Dean out. “What’s wrong?”

“Today I saw Dean…and girl…”

John was holding his breath, there was no way Dean could have gotten there yet, he was only twelve for fucks sake, but he kept his silence and waited for Sam to continue.

“She kissed him! On the cheek! And they were saying that they wanted to see each other, AT SCHOOL! Dean hates school, you know that. And, and suddenly he‘s happy to see her there! He hasn’t even known her for long! Is he possessed?”

John wanted to cry with laughter, but noted the serious expression on his son’s face so he kept it to a grin. “Sam, Dean’s not possessed and it’s nothing bad. Boys Dean’s age start liking girls and want to hang around with them.”

John saw Sam knitting his eyebrows together and sighed. “what’s wrong with the girl Dean likes?” He asked trying to get to the bottom of this.

Sam began to rant. “Well I don’t get it. Girls are just… they wouldn’t get us! Ben and I were playing Super Hero’s right? And this girl, Tracey came over to us and wanted to know if we wanted to pay families and be the dads! We didn’t want to but Mrs. Spencer she made us and me and Ben had to be married to Tracy and her friend and they were so bossy! And, and, me and Ben couldn’t talk to each other at all, they were so mean about everything too. Also they said that once you were with them you had to be with them always! And, and you couldn’t see your friends or family! Why would Dean want that! Why would he choose some girl over me…” 

John suddenly found the crux of the problem. His poor son had abandonment issues. He felt extremely guilty all of a sudden. Of course this would have happened, with the life style they were leading and Dean’s constant presence and his role in Sam’s life. “Look, Sam, Dean isn’t going to choose anyone over us. He’s just making room for somebody else-“

“But I don’t want him to! Girls are… are ick!”

“Sam,” john warned, “Let me finish. The girls that you saw were only one type of girl and they will probably grow out of it. I’m sure the girl Dean likes is very nice and will let you see him all the time. Now stop worrying.”

John was trying to decipher Sam’s look. It was… contemplative but it hid something. Then his hunter reflexes caught something. Did he move the bottle? It was still on the night stand but he could have swore... he had sensed no paranormal activity, but he had better wrap this up quickly with Sam and then check it out. 

“Son, you’re still too young to understand what Dean is going through but it’s normal and more than fine.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sam didn’t like the answer had heard from his dad and since his dad couldn’t explain it to Sam without Sam not understanding, it made him feel so distant from Dean, and dad. But mostly Dean. Dean was always in the same wavelength as him and now… now he wasn’t and Sam was alone. No wonder Dean had called him a baby. He wanted to understand so badly. Sam was determined to spend his weekend in the library. After all dad always looked in the library when he had a problem to solve and lots of adults go to the library to get smarter.  His resolve was set.

Later that night when Dean and Dad were asleep Sam flipped over to look at Dean. He had a potential solution to a problem, but he couldn’t erase the thought of that girl kissing Dean and the fact that Dean liked girls. He didn’t like that at all. He looked at the cheek the girl had kissed. It wasn’t right what she did, she hadn’t known him for all that long and yet she gets to kiss him while he had denied Sam. It just wasn’t right. Sam was indignant to rectify it. He bent down and kissed Dean on the cheek. There. Better.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Sam as a 23 year old grinned. If only his eight year old self knew what he knew today. Dean moaned and turned as he did the sheet falling to reveal his penis. Sam’s eyes turned black with the memory of what happened that night. He can still smell himself on Dean and see the mark of ownership on his inner thigh, it was almost like a tattoo, black lines surrounding where he bit down, claiming Dean as his own. Yeah, Dean had complained about demon mojo entering his body but since it didn’t change himself into a demon or gave him ‘freaky’ powers he hadn’t complained too much.  
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Oooh! This is interesting.

Somehow this reminds me of the kid from the Twilight Zone who could make things disappear with the power of his mind (into the cornfield, if I remember correctly). He did it when he got angry.

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