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Fic: Slow Burn 2/?
Title: Slow Burn
Author: Bouyant_tomato
Summary: Sam reflecting on his life, on his special day. The day he realises that he had demons blood, the day his demons blood burned for Dean. The day he actually done something about it and claimed him.
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Underaged Sam 'playing' with himself.
Chapter 1

Sam decided to take a shower sooner rather than later, just as he had his fill of watching Dean sleep. He couldn’t understand why Dean couldn’t manage the effort to shower after sex, he was always out like a light. Perhaps Sam having demon’s blood had something to do with it, made him more energetic or something, but that was alright with him. He loved to watch Dean sleep after a round of good sex, there was something so different. Dean had always been like that, even before they were a ‘they’. Of course Dean hadn’t known Sam was privy to this information before they were together.

He was twelve when he found out about Dean’s sleeping habits after sex, not from firsthand experience, unfortunately, that belonged to, Clarissa.  Sam growled a little. The noise made Dean shift, the blanket slipping further. As much as Sam enjoyed the view he didn’t want Dean getting sick, so he pulled the covers up and padded towards the bathroom. As the spray hit him his mind began to wonder as he did so about Clarissa and her brief appearance in her their lives. 


Sam was walking home from school alone. He was old enough to walk home from school now, especially on Wednesdays because he had soccer practice and by the time practice ended it was still day light and Dean hadn’t wanted to hang around an extra hour after school had finished, well even if Dean had picked him up today he wouldn’t have needed to wait an hour, their practice had been cancelled.  

Sam knew that if dad had ordered Dean to walk Sam home, he would have and Sam would have loved some company but he didn’t want to be a baby. In fact it was Sam who suggested walking home alone. Dad hadn’t been impressed and they had a massive row about it, but Sam wasn’t a baby anymore! Besides when Dean was twelve he was deemed old enough to walk home with Sam without any adults, he hadn’t seen what was so different. His dad had gone on and on about it; stranger danger, how there was two of them to prevent danger and finally how Dean was different to Sam. That had been the last straw.

Sam didn’t want to be different to Dean. He was just as good, equal. So what if Dean’s older? Sam had gotten better grades than Dean when Dean was his age. Sam had tried all the things Dean did anyways and could do it.

He stopped his musings as he got to his motel door. As he was about to put the key in, when he thought he could smell something. Sam was very good at smelling things, better than anybody else he’d met anyways. However this was a smell he never had encountered. It smelled… off. Sam took a deep breath. At first he could smell deodorant and perfume and sweat- lots of it and something he had never smelled before. Then there was something else, it was sweet, like fairy floss on a sunny day- he loved fairy floss. But then it had changed, something else was there, tainting that smell. It was the smell of wet grass just after the rain. Usually he could handle wet grass and sometimes he even liked the smell- just not with fairy floss. He just wanted the fairy floss, the fairy floss was nicest.

Sam peeped in through the gap where curtain hadn’t covered window and gulped.  He could see Dean’s naked back raised by his arms. He never knew how muscle-y it was until now and how golden it was either. Dean was covered by a sheet from the waist down but Sam could still see the movement of his hips. Sam noticed that he was salivating and swallowed.

Dean wasn’t alone; underneath him there was a girl. She was wet grass. She was moaning but Sam couldn’t see her too well due to the angle of the window and the fact that Dean was covering her, he could mostly see just her arms as they sneaked around his brother’s neck pulling him to a kiss. As she did so Sam caught a peak of long brown hair. Suddenly there was movement and the girl was on top of Dean, blocking his view of Dean. Sam frowned. However as a bonus sheet fell away and now could see them grinding against each where they were…. Connected…  And as another bonus he could see his brother’s strong legs and his balls. Sam bit his lip. Dean had a lot more hair down there than Sam had He wanted the girl to move so that Sam could see the rest.  Sure he had seen Dean naked but not like this.  

Suddenly the girl lifted her hips and Sam could see Dean’s penis and oh my god, it was much bigger than usual and stiffer too. He had heard boys get like this but it was the first time he had seen one apart from his own.  Sam felt something in his gut and it made him want to squirm and his undies was getting a little tight. Sam wasn’t stupid and he had gotten erections before but this was so different. Sam just wanted to shuck off his jeans right then and there, he felt so on edge.  Sam wanted to look at Dean’s cock for a longer time and from a closer distance but the girl thrust down on it once again blocking Sam’s view. He really wished she would just leave. But when she had thrusted down he heard his brother’s groan. Sam wanted to hear it again and again. There was something so… so… he didn’t know what the word was but it was something good.  The thrusting sped up and the girl tilted her head back and cried/screamed and there was a louder groan from Dean.

After that the girl just flopped down on Dean’s chest. He could see his brother’s face, his eyes closed, his mouth open and panting, cheeks flushed. Sam licked his lips and dipped his hands where his own cock was. There was a little lump around the base; that meant he was really horny. He hadn’t seen one on Dean but from Sam’s experience you don’t have to have one to get off. It’s only when you’re really, really horny, plus he hadn’t gotten too great a look anyways.

He waited a little while, all he wanted to do was barge in and use the bathroom but he had to wait for them to get dressed.  

They were just lying there together; Dean had one arm around her and one arm behind his head. His breath had started to settle and even out, from what Sam could tell and his eyes were still closed. They lay like that together for a little bit. ‘Come on!’ Sam thought, ‘You got what you came for so just move!’ Sam desperately wanted the privacy of a bathroom as he began to squeeze his dick to create a little more of that sweet friction and began little pumps. He was suddenly glad they always bought pants one size up.

He could see her talking. He strained his ears, his hearing was starting to get really good nowadays.

“Dean, Deaaan?” After getting no response she huffed. “Down and out like always.” Sam didn’t like the fact that she knew what Dean was like ‘always’ or that she thought she did. Soon enough she got up and began looking for her clothes. Yeah Sam took a peak but there was nothing special there. He couldn’t understand what the hype was about girls. Dean called him ‘a late bloomer’ but Sam knew it was a load of crap, just look at how hard he was. The lump at the base of his dick was getting bigger- it had never gotten this big before, but then again he had never seen anyone had before.

Sam heard the twist of the door knob and quickly yanked his hand out of his pants.

She heard the girl take a breath. “Oh my GOD!” She had a frightened look. Sam’s mind began to spin had she known that he was watching them?

“Your eyes! Are you… are you alright?” Sam frowned. What was wrong with his eyes?

“I’ll get help!” She said as she moved to open their hotel room door. Sam grabbed her wrist. He didn’t want her to go back to Dean. She turned back to look at him and then gave him a curious look before letting a relieved sigh.  “Must be post… er, um the trick of the light.” She said obviously lying.  “Sorry for getting freaked, I thought you had black eyes for a sec. Man, what an afternoon with Dean Winchester can do to you…”

She seemed nice, but obviously crazy. “So who are you little guy?”

Sam merely glared. ‘Little guy?’ How old did she think he was?

“Ummm… okay well I’m Clarissa.”

“Sam.” He grunted out. He really wanted to throttle her, though he didn’t know why, probably because she was keeping him from the bathroom.

“Oh Sam, as in Dean’s brother? Well it’s good to meet you.” When Sam said nothing she visibly swallowed and continued, “Well, um, tell Dean I’ll see him next week okay? He’s sleeping right now.”

Next week? This was a weekly thing, at least?! “Yeah, whatever,” said Sam before pushing past her into the hotel room, however he gently closed it as to not wake his brother up. He then heard Clarissa’s footsteps as she walked away muttering ‘weird kid’. Sam rolled his eyes and was about to enter the bathroom when he glanced at Dean’s half naked form (covered conveniently by a blanket) and smelt the combination of fairy floss and wet grass.

Sam in a moment of enthrallment decided to forgo the bathroom and walked over to Dean’s side. Deciding quickly, he shucked off his jeans and underwear. Something in the back of his mind told him not to do it, but Sam wanted to. Sam looked at Dean and took a whiff, he still stank of wet grass but there was enough sweetness to keep him interested and Dean looked so different now!

Sam pumped his cock making it stiff like Dean’s was before.  Sam focused his attention on Dean’s lips, look at those lips! Sam panted a little and could feel his lump swell again. Sam reached over to touch his lips lightly. They were so soft! He ran his thumb along those lips imagining those on his cock. Sam knew what a blow job was, he did have an older brother after all. Sam pushed his thumb into Dean’s mouth. Sam moaned softly, it was so warm and wet!

Sam licked (more like slobbered) all over the hand that he had been pumping himself with before resuming. He imagined that it was Dean’s warm, wet, soft mouth. Sam tightened his hand around his lump and imagined that it was Dean’s stretched mouth, red and puffy. He was so close. Then Dean just had to moan in his sleep sending vibrations along Sam’s thumb. It was all that it took. Sam began to shoot. He always came loads and hard but when his cum landed on Dean’s naked chest Sam felt the tightening of his balls and he began to come even more!

He came for a full minute before he stopped. God, so much cum on Dean! He almost wanted to go again, this time maybe focusing on other parts, but his mind came back to him again. What the hell did he think he was doing?!

Dad could barge in any second, or Dean could wake up. Either one of those options were so embarrassing. His mind also told him that Dean was his brother, but he couldn’t find it in him to give a damn- too hazy with having just came he guessed. He pulled on his jeans and threw his undies into a hamper, there was no way he can wear those in their current condition. He then ran to the bathroom soaked a towel in warm water and ringed it off excess water before coming back to Dean’s side.

Sam looked at those abs splattered with his come and began to wipe it off. He couldn’t smell wet grass anymore, instead he smelled toffee apples. Sam smiled that was a better smell on Dean.


Present day Sam chuckled darkly and sat on the edge of the bed, only wrapped in a towel. The shower had been nice, Dean, however was still asleep. It seemed that even when he was twelve he couldn’t stand the scent of anyone else on Dean, not that that was a problem anymore. Of course Sam at twelve had no idea what the demon’s blood had enhanced but he was glad for it, without it he doubted they would be together like this. Happy, like this. Sam glided his fingers over Dean’s mouth before pressing those lips against his own. Who needed girls when Dean’s lips were so much better?

Part 3

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