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Fic: Slow Burn 3/?

Title: Slow Burn
Author: Bouyant_tomato
Summary: Sam reflecting on his life, on his special day. The day he realises that he had demons blood, the day his demons blood burned for Dean. The day he actually done something about it and claimed him. Rating: M for violence (in this chapter anyways)
Warning: BAMF!Sam?

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

As much as Sam would have loved to have awakened Dean, tell him to take a shower and to get on the other bed so that Sam could mould himself around him and encompass his entire being, he couldn’t bring himself to it, just yet. A little more Dean staring was in order. It was amazing how much one person could look at another person and not get sick of the subject.  Dean always moaned about how expensive getting two beds but because after sex and the afterglow Sam had to have a shower and he preferred not to hop back in to the sweaty, messy bed. He knew he was anal about it, but why can’t other people see how gross that was. Dean always hated getting out of bed after sex but there was no way Sam and Dean were sleeping in separate beds like some about-to-be divorced couple. He never really liked having Dean too far away, ever since Dean’s first major hospitalisation.


Shortly after Sam had gotten off of Dean sleeping was when Dean was first seriously hurt on a hunt. Dean was in hospital on his nose crooked and left eye puffy. His hospital gown covered the dark bruises and burn marks that were scattered over his body. He’s seen this all before, but never so bad and Dean would always be in the hotel/motel still being able to make wisecracks and heatedly telling him all the details of the hunt. His brother and his dad were amazing, he noticed his dad eye rolling and muttering something but from the stories they were almost superhuman themselves!

You know what? What really rips into him isn’t the way Dean’s body is (though it didn’t make him ecstatic either) is the breathing machines and various tubes were threaded in his body.  Sam just wanted to tear all of them out and shake his brother from sleep, but he wasn’t a baby. He knew that those machines were the only thing keeping Dean alive.  He knew it was stupid but some part of him thought he could just… heal him… or something. To his shame he kind of tried it… you know putting his hand on Dean and just thinking ‘heal! Heal!’ Obviously that hadn’t worked. So Sam settled for praying.

Sam clasped his hands together and bowed his head. “Dear God. Hi, I’m Sam… though you know that since you’re God. I know I haven’t talked to you since forever but in my defence small town public schools are crazy. Anyways, I think I should get to the point right? Well my brother Dean is hurt, he is hurt so, so bad. A chimera nearly mauled him to death…” A light bulb went off in Sam’s mind. “But wait, you’re God, you should know that… you’re all knowing and shit, so then what’s the use of praying? Is your head stuck so far up your ass that you need people to beg you to heal those who should be?! I mean for fucks sake, Dean protects people! And is that how you repay them? What has he done wrong?! ” Sam suddenly got the shivers.

Could it possibly be the act what Sam was doing a week ago? “Wait, are you punishing me for what I did? Well that’s completely unfair! I know what I did was wrong, okay, I couldn’t help it, but Dean didn’t do anything! HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!”

The sound of footsteps interrupted his ‘prayer’.  “Sam, who are you talking to?”

Sam turned his head towards his father. “I was praying.”

“Doesn’t sound like a prayer I ever heard.” John said lifting an eyebrow.

Sam sighed. “Well praying is stupid.” He saw the look John was giving him and began to explain/defend himself. “What’s the point to talking to someone who is all knowing and chooses not to help and has to have people beg before he does something about it?” The more he talked of God the angrier he became.

“Yeah, Dean isn’t perfect but Demons and those supernatural things are worse, right? So why does God just allow this to happen? It’s not like we have to do this! How unfair is it that Dean dies while trying to save other people. If God chooses not to help then he can go fuck himself.”


To say that John was shocked is a bit of an understatement. They weren’t a religious family, they didn’t do prayer, or mass or anything else like that but to hear Sam tell God to ‘fuck himself’ well that was shocking. After all he knew what Sam was and wasn’t and he wasn’t the type to swear- especially to God. However he knew his Son wasn’t thinking theology, well he was but the main thread that underlined this was fear and worry. He wasn’t angry at God, just scared for Dean.

“Son, Dean will wake up, you’ll see, with or without the help of God. He’s not going to die.”

“How’d you know?” Sam says with a bite. John could swear the boy was almost snarling.

“The doctor is putting him in a sleep induced coma, meaning he will wake up whenever they stop the medication.”

John saw Sam widen his eyes comically.

“Why are they doing that? Dean won’t be a douche about it, just get them to take him off it!”

John gave his son a look.

Sam obviously understood the look and corrected himself. “Yeah, well Dean would be a complete douche about it, but I still think it’s stupid. Why can’t they just wake him up?” The longing in his son’s voice melted his heart- not that he showed it facially or even expressed it verbally; however he did put a hand on Sam’s shoulder.

“Sammy, I have to go, the chimera is still out there. You stay with your brother alright?”

Sam nodded.


Dean was still in a coma three days later, although the doctor would be taking him off the medication today. Sam peered at Dean. He knew that the bruising had gone down and the burn marks were mostly gone, they were mostly first degree but a few secondary burns didn’t pass his notice when the nurse bathed him.

That was a weird experience. THIS is the weirdest experience. To see Dean so… so still.

Dad couldn’t find the chimera, said that it may have left town, but Sam knew she was still in town, hiding in the woods.

Sam shut his eyes. He could follow the feeling. He knew if he concentrated enough that he could get images. He had never seen a chimera before but after Sam had touched Dean trying to heal him it was as if he could feel her mark on him. Something in Sam burned.

He could see her. And as soon as he did his eyes flew open. She was frightening! She had THREE heads. A male lion’s head in front, a goat head coming out of the side and a snake tail! The creature also had a goat body! Sam could feel the threat of her radiating, but there was something else.

Sam closed his eyes again. He followed the feeling. There she was in all her glory, but he couldn’t see where she was, she was just set out against a dark backdrop. Sam knitted his eyebrows. He knew he could do it. She was close. She was in the woods, lying on the wet leaves, shivering slightly. She’s far away from home, she wants to go home, back to the mountains of a hot, arid place; somewhere he’s never seen before. She might have been an image of sympathy had it not been for the need to kill rolling off of her in waves.  She was dangerous, anything that moved in her path she would kill it. But where was she, in which woods?

Flashes came to him. Mountains, Joe’s Bar, The Gentleman’s Club, One way Street sign, Sunshine Hotel at the foot of the mountain.

Sam blinked open his eyes. He knew where it was and how to get there.  He had two options. The first was to tell his dad about it, passing it off as something he had heard the nursing staff discussing. The second was to kill the thing himself. At this thought something in him, the thing that made him antsy and raging all through this, was appeased.

 “Dean, don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”


By the time Sam got to the forest the sun was setting. He didn’t know how he was going to kill it. Only that he was.  A part of him knew it was incredibly stupid and reckless. He could get himself killed! He had never been on a hunt before!

He came to halt. He had heard rustling and pawing of the ground.  He didn’t have to turn. It was charging at him. She was huge, about ten sizes bigger than a golden retriever. The lion’s head roared as it charged, smoke coming out of its nostrils.

Sam froze. He had no idea what to do.

In a blink of an eye, it was there. She pushed him down and snarled, he felt the snake coming from his hind quarters slither around his legs, locking them together.

Sam began to struggle. Hard. “Help! Help!” God, he was going to die! Why did he do this? Stupid, stupid, stupid!

A snarl came from the lion and she raised a paw, claw in full view. Something inside Sam awoken.

Hate, bubbling hate filled him. This was the creature that dared put his brother, his Dean in hospital. She had the nerve to do this. Who did this creature think she was messing with? It was his turn to snarl and pushed the Chimera back. The Chimera was sent flying and before she landed on the ground Sam stood.

He walked over to her. She was beginning to breathe fire from her goat’s head. He reached out his hands in front of him and the fire diverted to both sides. He just walked steadily towards her.

The Chimera seemed to have sensed that her fire did not affect the being in front of her and she lunged at him. Something very curious happened then, Sam just concentrated on her and she just stayed there in mid-air struggling, roaring and bleating.

Sam lifted his hand and made a quick swooping gesture, the creature followed this in mid-air until she hit a tree. The sound of crunching bone filled the air, she slid to the ground, bleating her last moments of life. Her spine was split in half. Before he could do anything else his hearing picked up something. He sniffed the air.

Someone was coming, someone familiar.

 “Sam! SAAM!”


When John was told that Sam up and left for Gregory Ridge Trail John scrambled to get to his car and drove. He didn’t know what the hell the boy was thinking! Why Gregory Ridge? Was he looking for the Chimera? Without backup? Without any equipment? His son could only shoot a target 8 out of 10 times! There was no way he had a chance against the Chimera. Even if Sam hadn’t found the Chimera he could get lost, the mountains were a dangerous place at night.

John had no idea where to even begin to look, but then he saw blood at the beginning of Gregory Ridge Trail. He prayed to God it wasn’t Sam’s. He parked his car, took his shot gun and looked closely at the blood. It was fresh and there was lots of it. John felt despair creeping upon him as he ran down the trail. He noticed the signs of recent trekking, he hoped that it was Sam and that nothing bad had happened to him.  

“Sam? Sam! SAAAM!” He yelled and kept yelling.

He heard a distant crunch. John’s stomach fell, he followed the sound to his left.  It was only a matter of seconds before John found Sam.

“Sam! SAAM!”

Sam had turned to look at John. He could swear that his son had black eyes but in a blink on an eye it was gone. John immediately thought it was a hallucination due to the almost pitch blackness of the mountains.  

 “Sam, oh God, Sam are you alright?!” He surged forward to his boy and searched his son’s mud covered body for any signs of injury.

“Dad, I’m okay.”

John saw the shredded shirt and a large bruise on Sam’s chest but nothing else. “What the hell did you think you were doing?! Running out here by yourself! How the hell did you know where it was?!”

“I came to kill the Chimera. I saw it in my mind and I went after it. It’s dead.”

There was no way his fucking 12 year old son took out a fully grown Chimera whilst he and Dean couldn’t do the job. It was probably just knocked out. He looked to his left and saw the Chimera. A part of him scolded himself for not checking it and not even noticing it! He let go of Sam and took his shot gun in his hand and shot the Chimera in each of her heads.

“I told you it was already dead! I heard its spine crack.”

John faltered, he had no idea what to say except, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” With that Sam and John walked back to his Impala.

John had never pushed for answers about that night. He didn’t need to know, but after that night he saw Sam differently. John feared Sam a little.


The next day when Sam visited his brother Dean was already awake. He rushed to Dean and before his dad could step into the room his dad was being dragged off by doctors and nurses.

“You wouldn’t believe what happened last night! I took care of the Chimera! I killed it.”

 “Oh really, a big baby like you killed the Chimera that dad and I couldn’t take care of?” Dean teased ruffling his brother’s hair.

“Yes! It was huuuge! It was breathing fire and everything. I made it fly into a tree!”

“Did Jamie Leany happen to be wondering in this forest needing saving?”

“What no! Why would she be in the woods?” Sam frowned at Dean, what the hell was he going on about?

“I don’t know, it’s your dream.”

Sam wanted to say that it wasn’t dream but his dad had gotten back with the nurses and he didn’t have a chance to tell Dean.

 It didn’t matter though. The Chimera was dead and he had his brother back.


Present day Sam leaned into Dean and inhaled his scent and sucked an ear lobe. There were more hospitalisations but Sam made sure he was right there with him, the next bed over, also bruised and banged up.

 Sam lifted his mouth away when he heard Dean mutter.

“Wake up, sweetie.” Sam mocked, chuckling in his ear.

“Shurrt up, bitch.”


Part 4

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I really like this. You are doing a great job with the build up of Sam and Dean relationship.
Can hardly wait for next part.

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