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Fic: Slow Burn 5/?
Title: Slow Burn Author: Bouyant_tomato Summary: Sam reflecting on his life, on his special day. The day he realises that he had demons blood, the day his demons blood burned for Dean. The day he actually done something about it and claimed him. Rating: M for a littler violence and some teacher student stuff. Warning: BAMF!Sam?
Sam often felt proud that he restrained himself from killing those who Dean had slept with over the years he had learned control. However  in the case of Collin Reinhart, or ‘Mr. Reinhart’ he wished he had learned control only to make him feel the utmost pain a human could feel. Oh he remembered the night he approached Collin.
Sam stalked towards Mr. Reinhart. “So, you like getting your rocks off with little kids. Looking at you I would have never guessed, but then again it’s always the ones you least expect.” A pause. “Do you like me, Mr. Reinhart? Does my big eyes and floppy hair ‘do it’ for you?”
Sam heard Mr. Reinhart whimper. “Oh you sick fuck.”
“I-it’s not like that.”
Sam snarled. “Then tell me, what is it like? What goes inside your mind that says ‘Dean Winchester is someone I want to fuck!’?” Sam tightened the physic hold around the guy’s neck.
Mr. Reinhart clawed at his throat for those invisible hands.  Sam smiled. “That’s not going to work, but I suppose I should loosen my grip if I want to get any answers from you.”  Sam dropped him and he just collapsed gasping for air.
“Now I’m going to ask you again, what the hell you are doing with Dean?!”
Mr.Reinhart looked up at him. “How are you doing this? Who are you?!”
“I’m the one asking the questions teach- now… TELL ME!” Sam yelled spittle attacking Reinhart’s face.
“Dean, he is a student. Just a student, nothing’s going on between us, I swear!”
“Oh, hell no. I saw you guys together,” Sam brought the back of his hand to Mr. Reinhart’s cheek, and began to caress and said softly, “looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, whispering, touching.” Sam brought his hand back and back handed him. “I don’t know what he sees in you. You’re so average you make porridge look interesting. Plain brown hair, blue eyes, white skin. But that’s not what I want to know. What I want to know is, what exactly is going on- how did you meet, when you first fucked, where you first fucked. Everything.” 
Sam knew this was the only way to the story. Dean never even told him of Mr. Reinhart! He just happened to catch the scent of Dean and another male in the room whilst walking to the motel room after soccer practice. He had to listen to their conversation through a motel door. What he had heard made him so furious, so fucking angry.
“I-I don’t know where to start!” Mr. Reinhart cowed.
“Try when you first laid your dirty eyes on Dean… Actually, show it to me.”
And with that Sam entered Reinhart’s memories.
It was January 16th when Dean came through his classroom. It was an odd time to arrive, but as he later found out apparently their family moved a lot.  He remembered Dean walking through that door, a devil may care attitude, incredibly handsome looks but with clothes that looked worn, giving him that rough and tumble sort of feeling. Give him an hour with him, just one… However he quickly chastised himself- the kid was only 16/17 and he’s seen plenty of good looking high school kids- nothing to bleed your heart over.
He walked over to the Dean. “You must be the new student? My name is Collin- Mr. Reinhart. Mr. Reinhart. You may call me Mr. Reinhart “He quickly amended. God damn his awkward fumbling.
He saw that Dean gave him a look. One that read ‘weirdo’. He didn’t blame the kid, if he were on the receiving end of this he would be giving the same look.
“Class we have a new student… “ he trailed off- he forgot the kid’s name!
“Yes! Dean, Dean Winchester. Does anyone have any questions?”
He was met with uncaring silence.
“Okay, you may take a seat Dean.”
And that’s how they met.
Sam snorted inside Reinhart’s mind. “So you’re his homeroom teacher.”
“If you don’t know my job, how do you know my name?” Came the thought.
Sam rolled his eyes, metaphorically. “I’ve seen you around at school, now fast forward to the good bits, like how did this all start.”
Two weeks after he had met Dean he saw the kid’s arm wrapped in a sling and his eye bruised. There were also various scrapes. He debated whether or not to reprimand him for fighting. He knew he couldn’t do it in front of the other kids. Dean had a quick tongue and can turn anything he said against him. So he did the only thing he could do, “Mr. Winchester- come see me after school today.”
The look on Dean’s face was priceless. “But I haven’t even done anything!”
“This isn’t debatable-“
“Yes, yes because the school system is fascist and being a peon of a fascist regime you must follow orders and make, our life miserable too.”
“Mr. Winchester! I think what you’re saying is insulting, not only to my person but to the school.”
“Well, I happen not to think so- cause you know, I happened to have done my homework- thanks to you and your detention. And what I found was our school written in a history text book.” Dean took out his history book and flipped to a page.
“Fascism is a radical, authoritarian nationalist political ideology. It advocates the creation of a totalitarian single-party state that seeks the mass mobilization of a nation through indoctrination, physical education, blah blah blah- oh here’s the kicker- Fascists seek to purge forces, ideas, people, and systems deemed to be the cause of decadence and degeneration. Fascist governments forbid and suppress opposition to the state. So, in conclusion, I was just stating a fact” Dean snapped the book close.
Fuck. He had nothing. All he could do was hold Dean’s eyes in a steady look and say, “Four o’clock. In this classroom. “
“Yes, mio capo.”
The class smirked
Damn that infuriating kid!
That day at four o’clock Dean actually came.
“So what do you want?”
Collin frowned. “Look, I don’t think you should come to school when you’re hurt like that, it’s better to stay home and just rest. You must be aching all over.” His mind immediately went to a bad place. But he pulled himself together- didn’t let it show.
“I appreciate your concern,” Dean said obviously not meaning it at all, “but it’s none of your business.” He moved to walk but Collin grabbed his arm.
Dean moaned in pain.
“Christ, just how badly are you hurt?”
“I’ve been in worse shape-”
“At your age you shouldn’t be.”
“Well kids my age aren’t doing the things I do.” Collin saw Dean go a little pale and for a second he saw fear. “Never mind, can I just go?”
“No, tell me what you are into.” He saw the suggestive look before Dean managed to say anything. “You know what I mean.”
“Nothing, I just fell down a few stairs.”
Collin frowned and tucked his hands in his back pockets and leaned against his desk, “stairs don’t give black eyes, at least not in my experience.”
There was a silence.
“Look, I’m not just asking so that I can write a note and get you in trouble. I’m genuinely worried. I mean you are so badly hurt and you’re walking around like it’s nothing! I get it, you get into fights, but for your dad to just let you walk around in school like this- it’s not right, Dean. You should be at home resting where your mum and dad can call you an idiot and yell at you while throwing you a cold pack.”
Dean snorted. “I don’t know what sort of fairy-tale you live in but it’s a far cry from reality,”
Collin frowned for what seemed the billionth time. “No- it’s reality. You’re just…”
“Just what? Not normal? Well newsflash, my life is not normal! I move every couple of months, I have to put up with everybody’s shit, I look after my brother and have my dad’s back and the times I’m not looking after him, he’s getting himself killed! So I’m sooooo sorry if I can’t be your poster child for bad kid with a heart if gold but it is what it is and I have to deal.”
Dean was panting by the time he was done.
Collin looked to him, Dean was no kid. Or rather he acted like a teen to cover up that he was all grown up. He still didn’t know where Dean got those wounds but at that point it really didn’t matter. He just pulled him into a hug.
After a beat he heard a murmur. “I don’t need pity.” However as he said this Dean manoeuvred himself a little closer. 
“Who says I don’t need the hug. After all, I kind of lost my poster child.”    
 Dean just snorted into his chest. It was a happy snort though.
It got to the point though where the hug was supposed to end. But it didn’t. Collin rested his head upon Dean’s.  Hugging a student was already inappropriate and he could seriously get more than a slap on the wrist for this but he couldn’t bring himself to- not just yet.
He felt Dean move his head and Collin lifted his and looked down at Dean. Their eyes met. God he was beautiful. Eyes vulnerable, lips bee stung, freckles splattered. Even banged up he was just too… too pretty.
Dean angled his head and moved his lips cautiously toward Collin’s own lips. Oh Collin knew he should pull back but he didn’t, in fact he closed the gap.
Present day Sam remembered how his thirteen year old self reacted when he saw it. His thirteen year old self had pulled him away from Reinhart’s mind and began psychically slapping him around. Even bleeding him a little. Now he had more control, obviously. He would have gotten a knife and carve into him, maybe prod him with a hot poker, inject him with adrenaline so he didn’t pass out.  But of course that reaction had been nothing when Sam found out that Collin wanted to physically take Dean away.  Sam’s eyes blackened. The fucking maggot thought he could just waltz in Dean’s life and just whisk him away into happily ever after? Sam didn’t fucking think so. His regret was that he didn’t get a chance to do any real damage to the man.

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