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SPN RPS: Want, Love Need

Title: Want, Love, Need
Fandom: Supernatural RPS (So Jensen, Jared, Misha and other cast and crew)
Rating: This chapter M (will get up to NC-17)
Warnings/Kinks: Alpha, Beta, Omega, Incest
Pairings: Jensen/OMC (mention),
Jared/mentions of OMCs, Jensen/Misha, Jensen/Jared,
Summary: Jared and his dad are a little close
, but can you blame him? From a young age he saw something that no alpha son should witness of an Omega Father and go through things that most people don't. So after a few years of dating and realising that no one would stick around going through the same things and take care of him better than his dad, Jared decided to make his intentions known. Now if only his dad's new 'boyfriend' would get out of the way.  


Jared’s mouth dried as he saw his daddy swing around on a pole in nothing but a little thong. The alphas and even some betas panting after him, Jared hated them all. The track ended and his daddy gathered the money off the stage and headed backstage. Jared knew he should move but he couldn’t.

As soon as his daddy saw him his eyes widened and hurried towards him, ushering him away from the sight of the stage. “Baby, I told you to stay in my dressing room!” Daddy scolded whilst grabbing a robe. Normally he didn’t like it when daddy called him a baby, because he wasn’t! But he could only stare. He hated those people outside so much and he didn’t know why his daddy was actively making them want him.  After putting the robe on daddy knelt down to look at him. “What are you doing here?”  He said much more kindly this time.  

Jared couldn’t say anything but he let out a huge wail and grabbed his daddy’s robe, huddling himself close. He felt his dad envelop him in a tight hug and carried him to his dressing room and rubbed his back.


Jensen was out of his mind with fright as soon as he saw his son peeping from back stage. His worries only furthered along whilst carrying his son to the dressing room. After all there is no better mood killer for clients than children, let alone hearing a crying child, he hoped that nobody heard. Jensen sat on the chair Jared still in his lap crying into his flimsy robe and rubbed his back. “What’s wrong baby?”  When he didn’t get an answer, he manoeuvred his son so that he could look into his eyes.  “Baby,” Jensen cooed whilst stroking Jared’s face. “You don’t like Daddy’s job?”

Jared nodded vehemently, his cries finished but still sniffling, he nodded so hard that that his floppy hair shook with him.

He was afraid of this happening, his young alpha of a son not wanting his Omega father being wanted by others. It is a residue pack mentality; his son believed that only his other daddy, his alpha father was the only one his omega daddy should be with. Jensen knew that Jared understood consciously that his other daddy was not coming back; it was only instinct making him feel this way.

 “But Jared you know that daddy is only doing this because we need the money,” Jensen said softly tucking Jared’s hair back behind his ear. “Besides when you are a little older you can stay at home and maybe I will get a different job soon.” After a pause Jensen asked, “Do you feel better now?” Jared nodded hesitantly.  “Alright then,” Jensen said with a smile, “let’s go home.”


Jensen sighed a breath of relief after he put Jared to bed. Jensen never wanted to bring his son to his work but he couldn’t afford a sitter and he definitely couldn’t let Jared stay home by himself. At least at the club he could keep his eye on Jared and ask his manager and the others to watch out for him when he was up on stage.

Besides, stripping was only temporary; he just needs to keep sending applications for office work. ‘Any day now,’ he thought to himself.  It was true that if he was on his own he probably wouldn’t need to strip but then again if he hadn’t had Jared then he wouldn’t even want an office job. He probably would have been dead from a drug overdose or had gotten AIDS or something horrendous like that. 

Yeah, he knew he was a cliché, a good kid from a normal family running away after his parent’s died and had been left with an abusive uncle a scared aunt and not a penny to his name (the lawyers his uncles and aunts had hired made sure of that).  He turned drug dealer, drug user, small time prostitute, gang member and other lovely things that an omega male really had no sense being, but even as a child Jensen never converged to stereotypes.

After a night with a stranger in a club, he became pregnant at the age of seventeen, with no way to contact the father (hell he didn’t even know what he looked like!). He had considered abortion when he did find out but his instincts went over-drive to prevent him doing so and had also considered adoption but once again the Omega instincts prevented that. It may be a little selfish but even now Jensen would rather chew his own arm off than give Jared away to a stranger.

He’d been stripping for five years as well as applying for office jobs for five years and whilst most people would have given up on trying to find an office job by now and settled for diner work or shop assistant, he knew that if he wanted to get himself and Jared out of this hell hole of an apartment than he needed something with decent hours and a decent pay. Besides, he had what most people hadn’t, he had Jared.


It was just as well that he hadn’t given up because the next morning the postman delivered a letter from Kripke and Family asking Jensen to come in for an interview.  
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I think it'd shock anyone to see their parent's on a stripper pole (well unless you are on reality TV. And there will be no more strip joints, so I hope the plot will keep you interested XP

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