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Want, Love, Need Chapter 1

Title: Want, Love, Need
Fandom: Supernatural RPS (So Jensen, Jared, Misha and other cast and crew)
Rating: This chapter PG (will get up to NC-17)
Warnings/Kinks: Alpha, Beta, Omega, Incest
Pairings: Jensen/OMC (mention),
Jared/mentions of OMCs, Jensen/Misha, Jensen/Jared,
Summary: Jared and his dad are a little close
, but can you blame him? From a young age he saw something that no alpha son should witness of an Omega Father and go through things that most people don't. So after a few years of dating and realising that no one would stick around going through the same things and take care of him better than his dad, Jared decided to make his intentions known. Now if only his dad's new 'boyfriend' would get out of the way.  

A/N: I always felt with these stories that the teenager acts incredibl mature so prepared for teen!Jared


“Jared! Come down here and apologise to Misha!”  Jared heard as he stomped to the bedroom.  He felt too angry to yell anything back. Besides yelling what he actually thought about Misha would just make his Omega dad just more pissed off at him. Misha wasn’t his father and thank god, he didn’t need legitimate competition for his O-dad’s affections. You know what Misha is? He is just some boring Beta (would you look at that, alliteration) that his o-dad picked up at work to pass the time. It doesn’t matter that this one actually had an office rather than a cubicle, so what? As soon as Jared finished high school and college he would probably a have bigger office than Misha probably at a younger age too.

You know what else? Jared would love to flaunt his massive, with a view, office in front of Misha’s face and every time Misha would look at his pathetic excuse for an office he would be reminded of Jared’s much better office. Oh yeah, he knew he was going to work for Kripke and Family, I mean the company had gave them everything (and by them he means Jared and Jensen, NOT Jensen and Misha) and took them (the same them as before) from a shitty neighbourhood and a horrible apartment and in five years they could rent a nice two story house in a better neighbourhood.  So yeah he would definitely want to work for the company that made their lives a whole lot better.

Jared flopped on his bed and groaned into his. Why must all good things take time? He wouldn’t be in this mess if he was five years older. Twenty-one was guaranteed to be awesome, he would legally become the head of his house unless O-dad marries another Alpha (unlikely, everybody knows that having two unrelated alpha’s living under one roof would be madness!) and if his dad was dating someone else (Jared refuses to believe that Misha was going to be in the picture much longer) he would kick them out, ‘cause legally he would be allowed to. Jared would also be legally allowed to ask his O-dad on a date and he was sure that his o-dad would start to see him as a romantic partner and it would be perfect.

Jared flipped onto his back. The law sucks sometimes; he wanted to ask his o-dad now! Why should he have to watch for five more years, all these losers pawing at his dad? Jared would swear under oath that he and Jensen would be together until the day they die if the law would allow Jared to start dating Jensen now. But noooooo, Jared was still a minor and extremely capable of changing his mind, according to the law and due to some other stupid people in the past, it often broke families beyond repair, which the law wants to prevent.

He knew not to tell Jensen about his feelings, at least not yet because then also by law Jared had to be sent to another state to finish high school and even though high school finishes in two years Jared could not stand to live without his o-dad. For incestual claiming you had to wait until 21, that’s the golden rule.

A knock came at the door. “If it’s Misha or about Misha, you can piss off.” Jared turned to his side facing the wall.

The door opened and Jared smelled Jensen.  Jared wanted to turn around but he was still angry at his O-dad. He felt a dip in the bed and a warm hand rubbing his arm.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

That really was the wrong thing to say. Jared didn’t want Jensen to see him as a baby, but as a potential mate, the alpha, someone who could protect him. Jared turned to glare at Jensen.

“I know, you aren’t a baby, but at least you are looking at me.” Jensen smirked but still keeping his hand on his arm.

For that Jared turned to the wall again, it was that or pin Jensen to the bed until he showed submission. As Omega you don’t say that to an Alpha who want to claim you.  

“I was only teasing, now come on, tell the poor Omega what’s wrong.” Jensen said pushing Jared toward his back so that he was looking up at him.

 The anger Jared felt was slowly melting away looking at those genuinely worried eyes of Jensen. Jared pulled his O-dad to lie beside him and wrapped him in a full body hug, just to assert some dominance and smear his scent, it could never hurt.

“Jared?” came Jensen’s questioning voice.  

Jared hushed him and continued to hug him.


Jensen didn’t know what had come over his son but was glad for the contact. It was sweet and he had missed hugging Jared like this. It was like when he was a boy and they had to sleep in the same bed and even though he was the one with his face buried in his son’s neck he didn’t mind. It was really nice and it soothed something in Jensen. Ever since they got this new house, they were obviously sleeping in separate bed, after all by the time that Jensen got this house Jared was 10.  It seemed like eons and yesterday all at the same time.  

Jensen looked up to Jared and felt a pang, his little boy wasn’t so little anymore. Heck he already had a knot! That was one awkward talk on Jensen’s behalf, Jared the little pain, had already known what that ‘thing’ was and just wanted to embarrass Jensen. Jensen was proud of Jared on the most part; however, Jensen was still not happy with how Jared had treated Misha.

After a minute or three Jensen decided that they needed to sort the ‘Jared -Misha problem’. “Jared,” he began rubbing Jared’s back, “can you tell me what happened downstairs with Misha.” The tension within Jared’s body was felt by Jensen instantaneously.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Jensen rolled his eyes, typical Alpha teen response. Actually Alpha’s never stop being stubborn but at least they were less likely to sulk.

“Can’t we just have this moment to ourselves?”  Came a sulky mumble from Jared.

Jensen huffed a laugh and felt a little glow around his heart (yeah, not very manly). He was glad that Jared didn’t feel the need to pull away from him. Jensen didn’t want this to ever stop and Jensen was glad that he sent Misha home although he really, really liked Misha; he just wanted to be here right now. 

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I do love this fic, there is so much potential here. A great mix with Alpha Jared, Beta Misha and Omega Jensen. Is it greedy of me to want them to all be happy together?? :)

I might create two endings... maybe... I'll see how people react later ;)

(Deleted comment)
Great update, love this so far. Nothing beats jealous Jared! Please update again soon.
Thanks for sharing

Hahaha, thanks and there is no shortage of it in this fic.

This is very intriguing. I look forward to more.

Thanks, hopefully it doesn't loose your interest.

Yay update, this is really a whole new scenario!

I actually might create another timeline where Jensen and Jared stayed poor but I hope that this works for you ~

Sweet!!!! :) I think I love this thing about the alpha and omega... :D

Ahaha, I wanted to play God so I remade the world ;p

This is such an interesting dynamic! I love how the story is going and can't wait to see what happens next!

Hopefully the next chapter does not disappoint!!

I like this!!
will wait for the update(s)~
thanks for sharing.

Yeah updates.... I try to post at least once every week, but if not then once every two weeks!

I enjoyed this, can't wait for an update.

I hope the update was worth it! But as I said to trinn_1889 I am very bad at updating, but comment so I don't lose interest! (Such a comment whore XD)

Love it!! Nothing hotter than jelous/possessive Jared! This is such an interesting & unique fic I am on the edge of my seat waiting for more!!

Well hopefully the next chapter doesn't disappoint but I have to say that the stakes are raised again!

looking forward to more

Thanks! It should be my next post~

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