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SPN RPS: Want, Love Need 2
Title: Want, Love, Need
Fandom: Supernatural RPS (So Jensen, Jared, Misha and other cast and crew)
Rating: This chapter M or NC-17 (will get up to NC-17)
Warnings/Kinks: Alpha, Beta, Omega, Incest
Pairings: Jensen/OMC (mention),
Jared/mentions of OMCs, Jensen/Misha, Jensen/Jared,
Summary: Jared and his dad are a little close
, but can you blame him? From a young age he saw something that no alpha son should witness of an Omega Father and go through things that most people don't. So after a few years of dating and realising that no one would stick around going through the same things and take care of him better than his dad, Jared decided to make his intentions known. Now if only his dad's new 'boyfriend' would get out of the way.  

Prologue Chapter 1

Jared and Jensen never got around to talking about why Jared didn’t like Misha that night or since but Jensen wish he had as the very next time Jensen brought Misha over for dinner they had fought and yelled at each other.

Jensen sighed as Jared stormed up into his room… again. He couldn’t for the life of him figure out why Jared couldn’t get along with Misha. Jensen glanced toward Misha. He saw that his boyfriend was fighting a torrent of emotions, mostly rage judging by his balled hands. Although he knew Misha would never hit Jared, he was also glad he didn’t take it out on anything else either. Clasping his hand around Misha’s he caught his eye.  Jensen smiled a weak smile, “at least he didn’t break anything or told you that he hated you.”

“So what you are saying is that he is warming up to me?” Came Misha’s ‘serious’ reply which made Jensen smile in earnest. Who couldn’t like Misha? The man made him so damn happy plus he didn’t scare easy. Other Betas he had brought home had turned tail at Jared’s …disapproval (more like threats and promises of making their lives miserable).

It wasn’t that Jared was a problem child per say, Jared did okay at school got good grades, didn’t do heavy drugs, didn’t vandalise and had nice friends, well mostly (that ridiculous Chad Michael Murray, he swears that kid has a few screws loose). Jared could fit the profile of the Alpha boy next door; you couldn’t tell that he has spent some years on the wrong side of the tracks… except when Jensen brought guys home. Then he could pass off a thug quite well. Damn his boy was getting tall.

Suddenly glad about Misha’s persistence to stay with Jensen despite Jared’s attitude, he yanked Misha into a kiss. Misha surprised and caught off balance together tripped over Jensen’s feet and together they fell on the carpet.

“Oh god! Are you okay?” Jensen was more than a little embarrassed.

Misha just laughed. “If what gets you going is Jared’s approval then we might need to see a councilor.”       

Outwardly Jensen just gave Misha an eye roll but on the inside there really were the warm fuzzies. Deciding to act on them, he surged up and caught Misha’s lips with his own.  Misha deepened the kiss and gently coaxed Jensen’s lips open with his tongue, Jensen returned by massaging his tongue against Misha’s. At that Misha gave a dirty moan and drifted his hand that was not supporting him downwards across Jensen’s chest brushing over his nipples as he went along. Jensen swelled his hips up to Misha who answered by grinding down upon Jensen.

Still engaged in a kiss Jensen moved his head down to the floor give Misha more control, although he kept a loose hand in Misha’s hair. Misha began to kiss up to his ear to lick and bite it.  Jensen felt everything come alive and heighten, sparks it seemed swept along his body. He tightened his grip in Misha’s hair and grounded his hips against Misha’s more firmly.

Since Misha did not have to support his own weight, he used both his hands to unbutton and unzip their pants. The scent of Misha and Jensen permeated the air, the distinct scents coming together, mixing and infusing. It was intoxicating. Jensen shoved his hand down Misha’s underwear and began to massage and play with the head of Misha’s cock. He could feel precum against his fingers.

Misha groaned loudly and decided to return the favor whilst thrusting his hips and creating friction between them and he moved away from Jensen’s ear towards his neck and began to kiss and bite there. Hard, the right kind which makes your toes curl from the pleasure. In fact, Jensen just wanted to throw Misha on his back and ride him for all it was worth, forget the foreplay.

Jensen desperately wanted to finish shucking both their jeans and the rest of their clothing off and just as he hooked his hands on Misha’s belt loops. Footsteps were heard bounding down the stairs.

It appeared that Misha heard them as well as he gave a final bite to Jensen’s neck before groaning and putting his forehead to the floor next to Jensen.

If Jared wasn’t Jensen’s own kid he would throttle the kid. 

They disentangled from each other and zipped up their pants and gave each other a quick kiss. But it turns out that it wasn’t such a brilliant idea as they kept on giving each other quick kisses until – “What the fuck?!”

As quick as a whip Jensen pulled away. “Jared, don’t’ swear.” 

Jared didn’t even bother looking at his direction and kept his laser glare on Misha. To say that he looked livid was an understatement and secretly was glad that Jared was not looking like that at him but Misha.  “What the fuck are you doing in my house?! I can smell your disgusting, putrid scent all over here.”

“Jared, I believe at your age you should know what we were doing.”  Misha said in a blasé tone.

Jensen looked to Misha incredulously. Jensen wanted to scream at Misha not to escalate things but then he looked closer at Misha’s stance. Tense, most certainly tense. And that was his cue to diffuse things immediately. Although Alpha’s tend to be physically stronger, Jared was still developing, not that he wanted a fight to start out at all!

“Come on Jared, we were just fooling around.” Jensen said moving towards Jared and putting his arm on his shoulder

“That’s the fucking point! He shouldn’t even in here!” Jared spat, shrugging his hand off his shoulder.

Now it was Jensen’s turn to feel irritated. Jensen understood that as Alpha Jared had the tendency to be territorial about their house and what goes on under it, but Jensen had the right to bring anyone home. But before he could say anything Misha spoke.

“Don’t swear at your Omega Father, Jared”

The look on Jared’s face could be only called spite. “Don’t you dare tell me off like some child or like I’m your child! I will never, EVER see you as a father let alone worthy for mine.” These words were said quietly but there was a certain edge to them that gave Jensen the shivers.

Misha however had no such problems it seemed. “Firstly you are a child and don’t you think you O-dad can decide for himself?”

Jensen could practically smell the fight brewing, especially as Jared sneered and took a step forward coming eye to eye with Misha. “I ought to put you on the floor, you Beta Bitch!”

And at that Jensen took it upon himself right then to intervene pulling Jared away from Misha’s space. “Jared, stop! And apologise to Misha right now!”

Jared looked to Jensen and it took his breath away and not in the good way either. Jared looked fierce, feral and filled with rage. “I will not apologise to him. He goes, now!”

Jensen most definitely wanted to argue against Jared but knew that if he kept Misha here punches will be flying. He looked towards Misha and it seemed Misha caught his look and frowned a little.  “I’ll see Misha to the door then, Jared.” Jensen said rubbing Jared’s arm in an attempt to calm down his boy.  Jared took his hand and gripped tightly. So it seemed he won’t be getting a good night kiss tonight.

However, Jensen seemed to have missed the look between the two other males in the room.


As they kicked him out Jared felt a lot better. He knew that Misha could feel his glare all the way until he drove off and he had an immense thrill of satisfaction in that he drove him out of the house.

Now it was all out war. Jared knew that when he took Jensen’s hands in his that Misha had understood. Jared wanted Jensen to be all his and it seemed that Misha was willing to fight for it when he told Jensen he would see him at work. If that’s the way Misha wants to play it, in secrecy and subtext then he could do it too. 

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Yes it is, strap in kids it is going to be a bumpy ride :0

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