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4 December
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About Me


A whimsical person, who is also known as "that weirdo".

I'm pretty upbeat except when assignments/essays are due (yes still in school). I love lots of types of music, except rap and hard-core country...

hmm what else, what else...

Oh I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan, ah yes, I can hear the groans now... Being a huge harry potter fan, I write fiction (ha ha, yes I know) and read lots of it.

I love watching TV(though not on my tv) and watching comedy shows, I just love to laugh.
However I do love the deep and meaningful and the oldies but goodies. I also love a good mystery, so horrors are up my alley too (there usually is a lot of mystery involved in horrors)

Ed Byrne, Frankie Boyle, Andy Parsons, Hugh Dennis, Russel Howard, Dara O'Brien and Adam Hills are amazing comedians. Although, Stephen K Amos and Andy (from the Hamish and Andy) are pretty fantastic too!

You'll find out some other things about me (such as my personality) when I actually post, as I believe what you say and what you do, say a lot about you.

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